Gaga David

Oil 60 x 80 cm

You Stupid Hen

Oil 80 x 60 cm

Wind Of Change

Oil 40 x 60 cm

COMING SOON              Walk Of Fame


Wearing My Sunflowers

        Oil 40x60cm

Hope Left Only

Oil 80x80cm

Clear Mind 1

Acryl 80x80cm

Clear Mind 2

Acryl 80x80cm

No Differences In Love

Acryl 40x40cm

Carrots & The City

Acryl 100x50cm

Dictatorship Seeds

Acryl 100x50cm

Happy Panda

           Acryl  60x40cm

Light In The Trees

Acryl 50x40cm

Love Energy

Acryl and Collage 100x150cm

Four Friends

Acryl 100x150cm